Northpoint (Small Town)

Population: Approx. 1200, primarily human, one elf, some half-elves, half-folks, and dwarves.

Northpoint is a small quiet town located in Northwestern Kerrandi. It borders the Ridgeline Mountains both to the north and to the west, which can be seen the Jagged Reaches. People in Northpoint go about their lackluster lives with little real drive or purpose.

An aging wooden sign next to a small well in the town square points to the major points of interest in town: The Shattered Sword Tavern and Inn, Templeton’s General Goods, and Ana’s Apothecary.

The town is led by Hiram Mirth, a human man in his late sixties, Hiram Mirth has shoulder-length hair dyed a deep black, soft features, and a smattering of beard that is greyish-white. Hiram Mirth was a popular litigator in the cities who moved to this little town after a political indiscretion nearly thirty years ago. Now he serves as the voice of calm and reason for the populace. Perhaps he spends a bit too much time in his cups, but he is generally friendly and well-liked, and has the town’s best interests at heart.

The Shattered Sword
The tavern and inn is the hub of Northpoint. It is a traditional tavern that had been in the Shaw family for seven generations. Just inside the doorway is a stuffed owlbear that is used as a coat rack, while over the mantle above the bar hangs the shattered pieces of a longsword said to have once been a legendary sword, perhaps even an artifact. However, it is believed that only a master smith can repair the blade. The Shattered Sword is a warm, friendly place, and many deals have been struck over a mug of home-brewed beer and whiskey.

Until recently, the town’s sole tavern and inn was operated by Sebastian Shaw, a human male, whom a group of heroes discovered had allied himself with the orcs of the Iron Legion and had almost destroyed the Clipwing Compact, an agreement with the town and a green dragon named Clipwing. With Sebastian Shaw’s arrest and execution, the Shattered Sword was handed over to the heroes who saved the town.

Templeton’s General Goods
This is a small shop stocked with the usual sundry merchandise as well as specialty adventurer’s goods ranging from arrows, bolts, and poultices all the way up to swords and maces, with a bit of light armor as well. Most of the wares are used, in fair to middling condition.

Oliver Templeton runs the town’s only general store. He is known as the fattest man in all of Northpoint. He trundles when he walks, and wears petitioner’s robes and sandals rather than typical merchant attire. His thick fingers are adorned with gaudy rings, and he wears silk ribbons in his curly, shoulder-length hair. A small, gilded dagger is worn on his belt.

Ana’s Apothecary
Eliana’s shop is a cacophony of smells, each natural, vital, and fighting each other for control of the space. Upstairs all is calm and serene, enhanced by the scent of rosewater. Generally, only potions under $300 can be purchased here. There are 1d4 potions of any given type under $300 per week here. Eliana lives just above her shop, and her assistant, Mary Anne (human female), takes care of the business when she is out looking for herbs.

Eliana the Elder is a slender wood elf, who is both beautiful and graceful, with captivating green eyes and soft, tawny hair that cascades down her shoulders. Orphaned in the Ridgeline Mountains when a winter storm took the lives of her family, Eliana spent her first twenty years working in the dwarven cities, apprenticed to the Lichen Growers and learning the secrets of plants. She eventually was forced to leave when the damp air caused her to become deathly ill. She misses her home among the dark dwellers, but has flourished in the light, although she has not wandered far from her roots by living in Northpoint, the closest topside settlement to her dwarven “family”.

Temple of the Healing Hand
The town’s only temple is cared for by Whiteshroud, an emaciated human man in dirty, white robes, Whiteshroud carries his worldly possessions on his person: a cup, a plate, and a fork, all dangling like talismans from a crude leather necklace. Orphaned in his youth, Whiteshroud was taken in by the Church of the Healing Goddess, where he was schooled in the healing arts. Today, he is a quiet soul, keeping to himself and offering his services as he is able, asking nothing in return. Whiteshroud is a bit of a recluse. He often wanders the streets and nearby woods by day, but hangs out in a corner of The Shattered Sword in the evenings.

Northpoint (Small Town)

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