Legends of Terramyth

Three Orcbanes

Chapter 16 (Kerrandi: Quest for the Orcbane Blades)

Northern Kerrandi,
Northwoods, Ruins of Ianmorn,
Spring, 24th Day of True Omens, 4,028th Cycle

With only Ezra armed with a range weapon, everyone decided to risk their lives by charging down the hall to confront the orcs.

The orcs were caught off guard by the adventurers’ courage. They tried to stand their ground by the exit, but the adventurers easily killed all but one orc who was able to run away into the forest.

The group then opened a set of stone doors that led into a small room that had the look and feel of an outdoor elven shrine. The ceiling was painted to resemble clouds. The artistry was finely rendered that the adventurers swore they could see the clouds moving. The walls, too, were painted in detail and showed a sylvan scene. The room smelled of fresh spring grass.

Overall the room gave off a sense of comfort and tranquility.

Despite the urge to rest, the group decided to press on and open the remaining set of doors to see what lay beyond.

The room they saw was large. A small altar or stone table lay against the opposite wall. A single door hung askewed by the entrance of a hallway to the right. It’s twin door lay broken on the floor.

What surprised the adventurers, however, was the large gaping chasm which dominated the center of the room.

It looked as though half of the room’s floor had collapsed into a twenty-foot deep sinkhole.

Everyone carefully walked to the edge. The bottom and what remained of the floor were visible below.

“That must be about fifteen feet across,” Dorin said. He pointed to the other side where the rest of the room continued.

“I can make that jump,” Xan said confidently. “I have jumped that distance many times back in the monastery as part of my training.”

“Do we have ropes?” Darnok asked.

Everyone shook their heads.

“I could throw all of you dwarves across,” Glint offered.

The dwarves all replied a unanimous, “No”, in unison.

“We need to know if there is a third Orcbane blade beyond that passageway,” Dorin said.

“Without any rope, we may as well jump across,” Xan said with finality.

“I hope all of you still have a potion of healing left,” Ezra said.

Beginning with Xan, everyone ran and made the leap across the fifteen-foot wide expanse.

First, Dorin took the vial sitting on top of the stone table. Then they all made their way to the side passageway. As soon as they stepped foot in front of the long passageway, magical torches in ancient sconces flickered to life. An iron portcullis at the far end blocked the entrance to another burial chamber.

A slightly rusted lever stuck out of the wall nearby.

Ezra pulled down on the lever. The portcullis rose into the ceiling. But before anyone could move, the lever suddenly sprang back up, nearly breaking Ezra’s hand in the process.

The portcullis quickly dropped back down barring the way into the vault once more. The time it took to lower the lever, to the portcullis dropping back down into place took less than several seconds.

Xan wondered about something and took five steps into the passageway. He asked Ezra to pull on the lever.

It wouldn’t budge, no matter how hard he pulled on it.

“The passageway is just far enough for us dwarves to barely make the run to clear that portcullis,” Kaza said.

“And what then?” Dorin asked. “Unless there’s another lever in the chamber, we could find ourselves trapped, to rot like the elves in there.”

“I have an idea,” Brother Silas offered. He then walked to the farthest sconce. He grabbed it with one hand and lifted both of his feet off the stone floor and placed them against the wall. “Pull the lever!”

Ezra did so. The portcullis rose into the ceiling.

All but Ezra went to a sconce and followed Brother Silas’ example. When the portcullis rose, they all jumped down and ran into the chamber.

The portcullis fell down as the last of them made it into the vault.

None too surprised, the adventurers watched as five sarcophagi opened. As one, the skeletal remains of elven warriors stepped out of their resting places and attacked the party.

One of the skeletons held an orcbane blade!


Back in the Shattered Sword the adventurers celebrated their victory, having recovered three orcbane blades without losing any one of their brave members. The entire town of Northpoint had heard about their quest and celebrated along with them.

They also spoke with Erzhu to return the remains of his son and the family heirloom, an enchanted blade called Striker. Erzhu the Elder was happy to be able to give his son a proper burial. He gave the adventurers five hundred silver coins as a reward.

The adventurers also visited Eliana the Apothecary to sell her the ingredients they found inside the tomb.

For the moment, everyone felt safe. They were confident in the knowledge that if orcs were to descend upon the town, a stalwart band of heroes comprising of four dwarves, a half-orc, and a half-elf, armed with three orcbane blades would stand ready to defend the town against any orcish threat.

The quest for the Orcbane blades ends here. Continue reading the adventure logs to discover what happens to the brave heroes and their valiant effort to protect the kingdom of Kerrandi against a possible orc invasion.


Brother Silas “The Steadfast” Tomkins (Human Cleric)

Darnok Firestone (Dwarf Mage)

Dorin Thomar (Dwarf Fighter)

Ezra Two-leaf (Half-elf Warden)

Glint “the Axe” Red (Half-Orc Assassin)

Kaza Firestone (Dwarf Fighter)

Xan Warstout (Dwarf Martial Artist)



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