Legends of Terramyth

Ezra and Aspen

Chapter 5 (Kerrandi: Against the Orcs)

Northern Kerrandi,
Spring, 24th Day of Welcomed Showers, 4,028th Cycle

The owlbear let out an ear-splitting screech, fell over, and died.

But before the half-elf Blade Runner known as Ezra could approach his kill, he suddenly heard the feral growl of wolves quickly approaching.

He hid himself in some thick bushes just as two goblins riding on the back of wolves ran into view. A riderless wolf ran alongside the other two.

Ezra quickly made his way through the thickets to a spot where he had a clear view of the lone wolf. He then took a shot.

The wolf yelped once and dropped dead.

The other two goblins, upon seeing Ezra, urged their wolves and went after the half-elf who ran towards the safety of some thick bushes.

The two goblins went in two directions and tried to flank their attacker. One goblin forced his mount past the elven ruins, pointing his shortspear at the direction of where it last saw Ezra.

Just then, an arrow buried itself into the side of the wolf under the goblin rider. The wolf’s legs buckled. The goblin screamed in surprised and flew forward. It slammed into the ground, breaking its arm and several of its ribs.

Before Ezra could hide, a wolf and its rider came up to him. The goblin lunged with its shortpear which the half-elf dodged. The goblin’s attack was quickly followed by the wolf which tried to bite Ezra’s leg. Luckily Ezra was able to avoid what clearly could have been a vicious bite.

Ezra drew his sword and struck the wolf, killing it. The rider fell off and landed prone on the ground. Ezra circled the fallen goblin and tried to stab at it but missed.

The goblin suddenly screamed as an arrow grazed it across its shoulder before the arrow buried itself into the ground. Ezra looked to where the arrow came from . He saw a striking elf maiden dressed in skintight green leather. Golden hair cascaded just past her shoulders. A shortsword hung on a belt at her waist. She held a beautifully curved bow in her hands as she took out another arrow from a quiver on her back.

The elf took quick aim and shot the goblin in the chest. It trashed about for a breath then lay still.

Ezra, stunned by the elf’s beauty, introduced himself.

The elf said her name was Aspen, a scout sent by the elven council of Rainmelidan from the Lone Forest to find out how much of a threat the Orcs of the Iron Legion had become. Ezra explained that the orcs have been raiding along the northwesternmost edge of the kingdom. The Wardens, protectors of the Three Kingdoms, had sent him to lend aid to the town of Northpoint. Ezra also added he was also asked by the people of Northpoint to hunt down and kill the owlbear which had been terrorizing their town for quite some time.

Aspen asked to accompany him back to Northpoint to learn more about the kingdom and its troubles with the orcs.

While they were talking, Aspen asked Ezra if he had happened to have seen any healing mushrooms growing in the forest. Ezra said he had not but that she could ask Anna, an elf, who owned an apothecary in town if she had any. He needed to return to town anyway to let Sebastian Shaw, the proprietor of the town’s tavern and inn, The Shattered Blade, that he had slain the owlbear. It seemed that the proprietor wanted the owlbear brought into town so he could have it stuffed and displayed in the tavern’s common room.

When the two arrived in town, Aspen went straight to the apothecary while Ezra concluded his business with Sebastian Shaw who paid him 200 silver coins for the owlbear’s carcass.

After, Ezra ran into Northpoint’s magistrate, Hiram Mirth who asked him how he was doing. Ezra reported having slain the owlbear and that he and Aspen had ran into the goblins. Ezra told Hiram that they were both going to go back into the forest to follow the goblins’ tracks and see where they had come from.

Soon enough, Ezra and Aspen left Northpoint and made their way back into the forest to follow the goblins’ tracks.

They followed the tracks deep into the forest. The tracks led to a structure built into the side of a rocky hill. A pair of thick wooden doors led into the structure. Mystical glyphs were etched into the wooden doors.

The two stealthily their way to the door. They carefully inspected it and found it locked yet they could not see any physical means that it could be locked.

As Ezra was inspecting the strange carvings on the door, one of the symbols flashed as he ran his hand over it. A second after the flash of light dimmed, the door suddenly cracked open outward.

The two opened the door and found four goblins slowly waking up inside a large square hall.

They both rushed in and fought the goblins along with two large black wolves one of the goblins had summoned from another room.

The battle was won, but Ezra sustained a wound during the encounter. Fortunately, Aspen was skilled in healing and quickly treated the half-elf’s injury.

They both then proceeded to search the room and the two other adjoining rooms nearby. However, they had to for the moment ignore the stone steps leading deeper into the ground blocked as it was by a curtain of blue crackling magic. As they stood near the magical curtain, they could feel a powerful force like the kind one feels during a thunderstorm emanating from the curtain of magic.

They also saw a wooden door in the room where the wolves came out of. They chose to leave it alone while they went to look inside the other room.

The other room seemed to serve as the structure’s kitchen. While carefully searching the room, Ezra noticed a secret door. He called Aspen into the room.

After finding the means to open it, they found the skeletal remains of a human inside a small secret room barely wide and long enough to accommodate a person. Not much was left of the human except for a blue robe it still wore. Despite clearly having been inside the small secret room for some time, the blue robe decorate with symbols of shields on its cuffs and at the bottom of the robe.

Ezra offered for Aspen to take the robe which he suggested was most likely enchanted. Aspen said she would rather they armed-wrestle to determine who would end up with the robe.

They did just that.

Although equal in strength, Ezra won the contest and ended up with the robe which he quickly wore on top of his armor.

Although nothing obvious occurred, he hoped that the robe would benefit him somehow as he and Aspend decided their next course of action.


Aspen Thistledown

Ezra Two-leaf



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