(RIP) Garam "The Chosen” Vran (Dwarf Fighter)

"The skalds of Snowdawn shall soon sing my praises!”


Sadly, Garam’s life as an adventurer was cut short by an orc’s scimitar as he fought to protect the villagers of Willowdale.

Rank: Novice (1 xp)
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Charisma: 0; Pace: 5; Parry: 7; Toughness: 8 (2)
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d10, Healing d6, Intimidation d6, Notice d4
Languages: Human, Dwarvish
Hindrances: Overconfident, Quirk (will not use ranged weapons), Slow, Stubborn
Edges: Low Light Vision, Sweep, Tough, Trademark Weapon (Olwen’s Hammer)
Gear: Chain mail (’+2), Olwen’s Hammer (Damage: Str+d6; AP 1 vs. rigid armor)


The last surviving member of the Vran line, Garam has been selected by the Seer of Snowdawn to do great things. Garam laughs it off, and chooses not to take the words of the Seer too seriously. He knows he can fight well, and certainly enjoys besting any that get in his way. He’s mighty handy with his hammer, a present from the Council, and has set out, at the urging of his Clan, to do his ancestors proud, or, at the very least see more of the world. He especially despises the use of ranged weapons, considering them cowardly and beneath a true warrior, and is quite vocal about it.

(RIP) Garam "The Chosen” Vran (Dwarf Fighter)

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