Calendar of Terramyth


Summer (Summer’s Day: Summer Solstice)
1 Month Imagined Beginnings July
2 Month of Wandering Flames August
3 Month of Lingering Daylight September
Autumn (Autumn’s Day: Fall Equinox)
4 Month of High Harvests October
5 Month of Bountiful Gifts November
6 Month of Frozen Realms December
Winter (Winter’s Eve: Winter Solstice)
7 Month of Shining Rivers January
8 Month of Abandoned Hearts February
9 Month of Lasting Kinship March
Spring (Spring Day: Spring Equinox)
10 Month of Welcomed Showers April
11 Month of True Omens May
12 Month of Promised Journeys June

There are thirty days in each month. Each month is broken into three, ten-day weeks. In addition, there are four days commemorating the changing of the seasons. A calendar year has a total of 364 days.

There are two moons, Lunara and Lianna, that rule the night sky of Terramyth. Lunara is the largest of the two. Both share the same fullness cycle. The sixteenth day of the month are full moons, and the sixth day are the waxing crescents. Each month begins the first day of the month with the new moons.

Unless otherwise noted, holy days are celebrated on the 15th day of each month. Some celebrations can last up to three days. For example, the Feast of Lovers, a festival held in honor of lovers, is held annually for three days (11th-13th) in the Month of Abandoned Hearts (February). The object of the festival is to celebrate the maturing of courtings’ love and the coming of spring.

Years are tracked according to the dwarven kingdom’s reckoning since their race first settled on the continent of Terramyth. Each year is considered a “cycle” by the dwarves and everyone alike. The current year is considered to be the 4,028th Cycle.

Calendar of Terramyth

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