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  • Ezra Two-leaf (Half-elf Warden)

    Magic Robe: Spellcasting d8, 8 pp, armor// +1 pair of archers gloves (shooting) // Orcsbane longsword +1 attack and damage (+3 damage vs. orcs) // 1 healing potion // 37 arrows // Ezra Two-leaf is a half-elf who was abandoned to an elf …

  • Darnok Firestone (Dwarf Mage)

    Darnok has joined his brother Kaza in seeking adventure. Darnok is the older brother and he puts much more thought into his actions than his brother does. Darnok has studied the arcane arts, but he is very sturdy and skilled in fighting.

  • Kaza Firestone (Dwarf Fighter)

    Kaza's first encounter as an adventurer caused him to lose an eye but it gained him a bag of jewels he used to buy the finest armor of Dwarven make. Together with his brother, Darnok, he has left his ancestral home in search of fame and fortune.

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